The Dry Skin Solution

Uncover the opulent skincare regimen by Dr Burgener Switzerland and attain optimal anti-ageing outcomes with our comprehensive 6-step routine.
1. The Cleansing Milk (200ml)
2. Floral Toner (200ml)
3. Instant Eye Radiance Cream (30ml)
4. Nutriderm Serum (30ml)
5. Green Caviar Cream (50ml)
6. Once per week: Royal Jelly Mask (50ml)

CHF 1'510.00


Introducing the Dry Skin Solution from Dr Burgener Switzerland, specifically designed to help you treat dry skin. With six steps to follow, this comprehensive treatment offers multiple beneficial effects, including rehydration, anti-aging, rejuvenation, eye radiance, nutrition, and repair. Take advantage of a 15% discount when you purchase the entire solution. Discover the perfect skin care routine with the help of the experts at Dr Burgener Switzerland, and treat your skin the right way.