Sensitive skin might be the cause of different factors such as genetics, but also external conditions (sun, wind, cold…). An internal factor can be also an intolerance or allergy to some food or a malfunction of the hormonal system. If the skin is too sensitive, a dermatologist consultation is recommended. To soothe the skin, our recommendations from Dr Burgener Switzerland

Steps of the Ritual for Sensitive Skin

Step 1

First step of the makeup removal routine, it cleanses, hydrates, and tones up your skin. 

Step 2

Rich in plant extracts, it calms, softens, and refreshes your skin. 

Step 3

Use HA-Xpress Serum to instantly hydrate the skin and plump up wrinkles. 

Step 4

Puffiness and dark-circles are reduced with help from the draining and lightening green micro-algae extract. 

Step 5

Help your skin to maintain optimal hydration and firmness, with an immediate smoothing effect on wrinkles. 


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