Hyperpigmented skin

Hyperpigmented skin has an unbalanced complexion and may show spots, due to sun damage, hormonal imbalance, age or oxidative stress. We recommend using the resurfacing and lightening products from Dr Burgener Switzerland.

Steps in the Ritual for Hyperpigmented Skin

Step 1

First step of the makeup removal routine, it cleanses, hydrates, and tones up your skin. 

Step 2

Rich in plant extracts, it calms, softens, and refreshes your skin. 

Step 3

Hydrate intensely your skin and boost its elasticity with the Hydra Filler Mask. 

Step 4

Puffiness and dark-circles are reduced with help from the draining and lightening green micro-algae extract. 

Step 5

Apply the Resurfacing Anti-Spot Concentrate to exfoliate and increase cell renewal . 

Step 6

Boost elasticity and lift your skin with the Intense Lift Collagen Cream. 


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