Mature Skin Ritual

Mature skin lacks lipids due to decreased sebum production and is dry due to lower water absorption. This can lead to a lack of tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is encouraged to keep a good regular cleansing and care routine in order to restore and preserve the hydro-lipidic film. To bring some radiance back to the skin, we advise you to use products from Dr Burgener Switzerland

Steps of the Ritual for Mature Skin

Step 1

First step of the makeup removal routine, it cleanses, hydrates, and tones up your skin. 

Step 2

Rich in plant extracts, it calms, softens, and refreshes your skin. 

Step 3

Hydrate intensely your skin and boost its elasticity with the Hydra Filler Mask. 

Step 4

Puffiness and dark-circles are reduced with help from the draining and lightening green micro-algae extract. 

Step 5

Regenerate your skin with the Repairing Grand Cru Complex. 

Step 6

Repair DNA damage and improve your skin’s structure with Repair Green Caviar Cream, which consequently delays the signs of ageing. 


Benefit from a 15% discount on the purchase of the entire treatment. 

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