The Dr Burgener SWitzerland laboratory

The Dr Burgener Switzerland laboratory follows in the footsteps of Dr Marc Burgener, who in 1960 founded the Lynell brand for post-surgical treatments. The brand’s medical origins can be found in our formulas, with cutting-edge active ingredients from the world of aesthetic medicine such as fragmented hyaluronic acids, peptides, vitamins, AHAs, or collagen. Our ingredients are rigorously selected for their efficiency, technicality, and high quality.

Step 2

Our formulas come to life mainly thanks to natural ingredients, which are respectful of the skin and the environment. We always favor short and local chains of production.

Step 3

These formulas are then checked by a toxicologist and are sent for testing in independent laboratories before being produced in our laboratory in Switzerland.

Step 4

The formulas created then pass into the expert hands of our therapists, who will experiment and trial with textures and technics to create remarkably effective treatment procedures.

The lab team

The laboratory team embodies Dr Burgener Switzerland’s values. We are convinced that nature at the service of science allows the development of highly effective formulas, without unnecessary components. We passionately believe in combining a holistic and scientific approach, which accompanies us in the creation of our cosmetic products.