Guided by a desire to achieve excellence, Dr Burgener Switzerland is committed to working for
responsible beauty by minimizing its impact on nature, while providing Swiss Made quality care and
aiming for a more equitable world. 

Excellence: our Swiss heritage

Excellence is the core value of the brand since the very first steps over 60 years ago. With a long family history and passion for science and beauty, the luxury brand has now developed a technological approach to skincare, maximizing the efficiency and personalization of products and treatments. Issued from a medical clinic and laboratories in Lausanne, Dr Pauline Burgener has developed the most scientific, yet natural skincare products for today’s needs. A combination ​of research, innovation and support from medical doctors and health experts allows Dr Burgener Switzerland to strive for the highest quality of products and services.

Social responsibility: Bringing light to people whith disabilities

There is one light that brings joy to people’s lives, and especially to the life of a disabled person. That is the light of hope. The hope of living a life by surpassing oneself, and being able to accomplish what you want, despite any disability. Help us make this flame the fire protecting the No Difference Association.
Dr Burgener Switzerland will donate the profit generated by this candle to the No Difference Association, creating together the hope and courage that will transform their differences into strengths.

Sustainability: Going green one
step at a time

One of our missions is to protect the Earth and its resources so that it welcomes us for as long as possible. To help reduce the amount of disposable packaging, we decided to replace our cardboard boxes with microfiber multi-use bags and print our usage notices on 100% recycled eucalyptus paper. Wherever possible, we favour raw materials sourced locally and with short production chains for our cosmetics.

Woman for women: Beyond a job,
we give a lifeline

Throughout her career, Dr Pauline Burgener has supported women in achieving professional and financial independence, through education and training. Our microfiber pouches as well as our handwoven exfoliating gloves are made by underprivileged women in Lebanon.

Dr Burgener Switzerland is also a proud supporter of a sewing workshop operated by young women in Bodhgaya, India. Here we teach young women to produce artisanal items to be used in Spas and skin care. Beyond a job, we give these women a lifeline..