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The Instant Eye Radiance Patch

Dr Burgener Switzerland’s mask provides perfect adhesion and a second-skin feel, with its bio-cellulosic fibres crafted from natural coconut water fermentation.


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Introducing our luxurious bio-cellulose eye mask, a remarkable creation obtained through the natural fermentation of coconut water. Experience the sensation of a second skin as this exquisite mask delicately envelops your eye contour, leaving it feeling pampered and revitalized.

The secret lies in the fine structure of this mask, carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit and optimal delivery of the active serum. Infused with the powerful combination of Actiflow and Hamamelis extract, it works tirelessly to combat tiredness in the delicate eye area. Prepare to witness the transformation as your tired eyes are greeted with a refreshing burst of comfort and tranquility.

Indulge yourself in this restorative journey, as the Actiflow and Hamamelis extract team up to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate your look. Say goodbye to signs of fatigue and embrace a revitalized, relaxed appearance that exudes confidence.


Use: Open the foil pouch. Remove the 2 protective blue papers. Separate the first patch from the white nylon and apply under the eye. Separate the second one and apply under the other eye. Leave 10-15 minutes, remove and gently massage the excess of serum.
Precaution: in case of direct contact with the eyes, rinse with clear water.


Actiflow, Hamamelis extract, Fucogel


Decongesting, Soothing, Antipuffiness and anti-dark circles