The Sensitive Skin Solution

Indulge in the ultimate 6-step luxury skicare regimen with Dr Burgener Switzerland, specially curated for sensitive skin.
1. Cleansing Milk (200ml)
2. Floral Toner (200ml)
3. HA-XPRESS Face Serum (14 x 5 ml)
4. Instant Eye Radiance Cream (30ml)
5. Collagen Intense Face Serum (30ml)
6. Collagen Intense Face Cream (50ml)

CHF 1'810.00


Discover the Sensitive Skin Solution from Dr Burgener Switzerland – a comprehensive treatment designed to treat and help you take care of your sensitive skin. Step 1 is the Cleansing Milk, followed by a Floral Toner for Step 2. Step 3 is the HA-XPRESS Face Serum 14x5mL, followed by the Instant Eye Radiance Cream for Step 4. Step 5 is the Collagen Intense Face Serum and Step 6 is the Collagen Intense Face Cream. Enjoy a 15% reduction when you purchase the entire treatment. Identify your skin type with the experts at Dr Burgener Switzerland and find the best skincare routine for you.