October 2023


Insights from the Femmes Leaders Event 



In October 2023, the “Femmes Leaders” event, supported by Credit Suisse, brought together influential women from diverse fields to share their experiences and insights. Among the notable speakers were Carole Hübscher, President of Caran d’Ache, Pauline Burgener, biologist and CEO of Dr Burgener Switzerland, and Joanna Ryter, an Ironman champion. The event provided a platform for these accomplished women to shed light on how strategic partnerships and collaborations have redefined their careers.

CEO of Dr Brugener Switzerland, Dr. Pauline Burgener offered a unique perspective on the intersection of science and business. Sharing her experiences of leaving her home country, Lebanon and building her company, Burgener highlighted how strategic partnerships with research institutions, industry experts, and investors propelled her endeavours forward. Her story resonated with aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the significance of forming alliances to catalyse growth and overcome obstacles in the competitive landscape of skincare 

Carole Hübscher, at the helm of Caran d’Ache, shared her journey of leadership and the transformative power of collaborations. She emphasized the importance of fostering partnerships both within and outside the organization, citing instances where such alliances played a pivotal role in steering the company towards innovation and success. Hübscher’s narrative underscored the value of collaboration in navigating challenges and driving positive change.

Joanna Ryter, renowned Ironman champion, brought an athletic dimension to the discussion. Ryter spoke about the symbiotic relationships she cultivated with coaches, sponsors, and fellow athletes, illustrating how these alliances were instrumental in her journey to success. Her story conveyed the vital role of teamwork and collaboration in the world of sports, inspiring the audience with the notion that achievement is often a collective effort.

The event emphasised how partnerships and collaborations can transform one’s career, showcasing the potential to redefine professional trajectories across industries. Femme Leaders celebrated achievements while catalysing a culture of collaboration and empowerment among attendees.