Discover an extract of the article below featuring Dr Burgener Switzerland’s Skincare Routine for a Luminous Face and Glow in the Online Magazine “Opulence”:

15 February 2024

“To ensure a perfect glow, Dr Burgener Switzerland has created a 5-step skincare routine to be adopted every day

The first step is THE most important in Dr Burgener Switzerland’s routine: deeply cleansing your
skin to free it from impurities and pollution that clog pores to ensure maximum absorption of the
active ingredients in skincare products

Step 1: The Cleansing Milk ensures optimal and thorough cleansing thanks to its cleansing microfiber glove. Enriched with essential oils and Rose water, it leaves the skin refreshed and a revitalized microbiome. The formula contains natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, lavender hydrosol, prebiotics, vitamin B3, orange, and petitgrain essential oils.

Step 2: To perfect makeup removal and balance the complexion, the Floral Lotion, a unique blend of organic rose, lavender, and geranium floral waters, combined with hyaluronic acid and prebiotics, is the perfect solution to complete the skin cleansing.

Step 3: The Radiant Eye Contour Cream aims to restore the radiance of the delicate eye area. With natural and active ingredients, this balm reduces puffiness and dark circles, while the Hyalnature complex (micro-algae) hydrates, stimulates micro-circulation, and smooths the eye contour. Its ultra-light texture helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.

Step 4: Used as a nightly treatment, the Glycopeel Concentrate provides a gentle AHA-rich peel (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), eliminating dead cells and promoting skin renewal, while evening out the complexion thanks to fruit acids, including extracts from sugarcane, sugar maple, lemon, orange, and blueberry, as well as niacinamide. Enriched with the regenerative properties of glycolic acid and infused with nourishing fruit extracts, this lotion effectively works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a smoother and rejuvenated complexion. The benefits of this exquisite potion are numerous, as it exfoliates the skin and stimulates cellular renewal. Its remarkable power to combat pigmentation issues and sun damage harmoniously evens out the complexion. A staple in this skincare routine.

Step 5: The Vita C+ face cream, to be applied morning and evening, contains stabilized vitamin C, acting as a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin and promote an even complexion. Its unique formula contains potent antioxidants and a collagen booster to combat free radicals and prevent aging. It also targets melanin to prevent and correct hyperpigmentation and restore the skin’s natural radiance. With ascorbyl glucoside, Kakadu plum extract, Switzerland Perfection peptide, and shea butter, it’s the perfect solution to protect the skin and promote an even complexion.

This skincare routine is particularly suitable for counteracting the harmful effects of stress, pollution, and smoking on the skin, providing impeccable cleansing, a less tired appearance, and a radiant complexion.

With a doctorate in molecular biology, Pauline Burgener took over her father-in-law’s family business in 1995, originally founded in Switzerland in 1955. Drawing on the in-depth knowledge she acquired during her years of research on the subjects of skin intracellular exchanges and cell function, she combines the latest anti-ageing biotechnologies with the purest elements of Swiss nature to develop Dr Burgener Switzerland products. These products stimulate cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, restore skin volume and reduce wrinkles, spots and pigmentation. Dr Burgener Switzerland’s priority is to offer excellent service and unrivalled support in a world of comfort and luxury. Our partnership with doctors specialising in aesthetic medicine and preventative anti-ageing medicine guarantees a consistent offering of top-quality, age-defying skin care in the spas of the world’s most prestigious hotels.”