The Mature Skin Solution

Experience rejuvenation and radiance with Dr Burgener Switzerland’s tailored 6-step facial care regimen designed specifically for mature skin.
1. Cleansing Milk (200ml)
2. Floral Toner (200ml)
3. Hydra Filler Mask (box of 10 patches)
4. Instant Eye Radiance Cream (30ml)
5. Repairing Grand Cru Complex (30ml)
6. Green Caviar Face Cream (50ml)

CHF 1'790.00


Treat your mature skin to some much-needed rest and relaxation with the Dr Burgener Switzerland Mature Skin Solution. Step one begins with a Cleansing Milk, followed by a Floral Toner to balance skin pH levels, a Hydra Filler Mask to plump and hydrate skin, an Instant Eye Radiance Cream to instantly reduce signs of ageing, a Repairing Grand Cru Complex to repair skin health and texture, and a Green Caviar Face Cream to nourish and rejuvenate. Receive a 15% reduction with the purchase of the entire treatment and let the experts at Dr Burgener Switzerland help you identify and take care of your skin.