The Oily Skin Solution

Attain luminous skin with Dr Burgener Switzerland’s comprehensive 7-step skincare regimen tailored for oily skin:
1. Cleansing Milk (200ml)
2. Purity Lotion (200ml)
3. HA-Xpress Face Serum (14x5ml)
4. Instant Eye Radiance Cream (30ml)
5. Hydra Balance Face Cream (50ml)
6. Once a week: White Glacier Face Peeling (50ml)
7. Once a week: Alpine Purity Mask (50ml)

CHF 1'400.00


Discover the perfect solution for oily skin with Dr Burgener Switzerland. This comprehensive treatment is specifically designed for oily skin types and consists of 7 steps for optimal results. Step 1 is the Cleansing Milk, Step 2 is the Purity Lotion, Step 3 is the HA-Xpress Face Serum, Step 4 is the Instant Eye Radiance Cream, Step 5 is the Alpine Purity Mask, and Step 6 is the Hydra Balance Face Cream. Enjoy a 15% discount when you purchase the entire treatment. The experts at Dr Burgener Switzerland will assist you in identifying and caring for your skin, helping you to find the ideal skincare routine for your needs.