The Timeless Eyes Collection

This exclusive Collection is a result of a meticulous collaboration with Sarah’s Bag ( When you purchase their handmade creations, you’re supporting women in underprivileged countries.

Gift these versatile sets ideal for year-round use. Inside, discover two full-sized products and, as a special offering, two mini products – a token of appreciation from Dr Burgener Switzerland to you.

The Instant Eye Radiance Cream (30ml)
10 Instant Eye Radiance Patches.


The Collagen Intense Face Cream (15ml)
The Black Pearl Face Peeling (15ml)

CHF 500.00


Presenting our new gifting collection: the Instant Eye Radiance Cream (30ml) paired with 10 Instant Eye Radiance Patches. Alongside these treasures, delve into the Collagen Intense Face Cream (15ml) and Black Pearl Face Peeling (15ml). Elevate your beauty regimen with this curated assortment, promising instant eye rejuvenation and a radiant facial glow throughout the festive season.