Four Seasons “Hôtel des Bergues” Geneva

Elevate your senses with a curated selection of treatments, designed to cater to your every need while being surrounded by enchanting views of the lake and the snow-capped Alps. The Hôtel des Bergues was Geneva’s first hotel and remains the first choice of sophisticated travellers; it is home to stunning views, long hikes, art galleries, an opera house, and gourmet restaurants. Indulge in an exclusive personalised skincare treatment by Dr Burgener Switzerland. Discover a made-to-measure line of cosmetics to reverse the ageing of the skin, with products including creams, masks, serums, eye and lip contours, cleansers, and makeup removers. This Haute Couture program combines cutting-edge skincare technology, personalised cosmetic care, and dietary supplements to offer long-lasting results.