Capacité:30 ml

The Nutriderm Face Serum

Enjoy a glowing, luminous complexion with Dr Burgener Switzerland’s real beauty elixir. Our powerful botanicals and essential oils help regenerate skin, leaving you with a more vibrant and toned look.

CHF 260.00


Discover the power of Nutriderm Serum from Dr Burgener Switzerland and unlock true beauty. Our formula is carefully crafted with essential oils, Omega-6 and powerful botanical active ingredients to provide your skin with nourishment and regeneration. Enjoy a more radiant complexion and toned skin with Dr Burgener Switzerland’s Nutriderm Serum, the real beauty elixir.


Preferably night use. Apply on a cleansed skin with a light massage on the face and neck before the selected cream. Or add some drops of Nutriderm Serum into your favorite Cream.


Essential oils : Lavender, Geranium, Hô Wood, Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil


Regenerated and nourishes, Improves skin tonicity and elasticity, Softening action