The Pearl Serum Collection at the Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai

Dr. Pauline Burgener inspired form the Pearl Spa to create a jewel at The Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach Dubai 
Inspired by the founding basis of Dubai where families moved closer for work more than 7,000 years ago for pearl diving, Dr. Pauline Burgener along with Christelle Besnier, the Senior Spa Director at The Pearl Spa Jumeirah, created the Pearl Serum Collection. One of only five signature lines which Dr Burgener Switzerland has produced around the world and the only one available within the Middle East.

Dr Pauline Burgener is revolutionary in her vision for skin treatment. Her passion for Beauty leads her to continue innovating in the luxury personalized anti-aging skin care. She combines the noblest and most effective natural ingredients with the latest technologies in anti-aging. 

Dr Burgener Switzerland developed exclusively for the Pearl Spa, at Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai, the unique TRILOGY OF PEARLS BY DR BURGENER, the Gold, the Silver, the Black and the White Pearls. The series of bespoke and highly result driven facials, offers all the power of the sea and pearls for a marvelous rejuvenating and glowing effect. 

Q & A – Mrs. Christelle Besnier

What motivated you to launch this line? 
Our spa identity is based on the history of pearls, paying tribute to our local heritage in the UAE, I was aiming to strengthen our historical partnership with DRB and develop signature facials using bespoke pearl serums.

In your opinion, what is the difference between this line and Dr Burgener Switzerland product line? 
The quality and effectiveness of all DRB are amazing but the bespoke line extend the possibilities to target face concerns blending cosmetic technology with exclusive encapsulated ingredients which keeps intact the concentration of the formulation until you apply onto your skin. These serums are produced on demand exclusively for The Pearl Spa at Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah and cannot be found anywhere else.

You are the spa specialist, what is the future of this line and how will it attract your customers, knowing that you have a very selective clientele from around the world.
Our guests are very demanding for result-driven therapies and products, they also appreciate the reputation of DRB producing in Switzerland all their products. The serums are versatile and can be used together to achieve greater and comprehensive results or on their own targeting your specific skin concern. Suitable for men and women, the airless glass jar is easy to use and to travel with, promising to always have a fresh pump of active ingredients to apply. I am convinced about the success of our bespoke line and we are already developing The Pearl Spa serum collection in order to please all Four Seasons travelers! 

Where can it be purchased outside the Pearl Spa at FS Jumeirah
As mentioned the serums are exclusively produced for our spa at Four Seasons Dubai Jumeirah, hence you can purchase them with us directly. We handle shipment abroad on demand. 

Q & A – Dr. Pauline Burgener 

Knowing that you are behind this unique brand what in your opinion attracts your customers?
We are proud to highlight that we are a swiss brand where quality & perfection are combined with technology and the power of Nature for immediate results. When it comes to product customization, we are pioneers.Our main concern is to offer our clientele a service of excellence and an unparalelled follow up in a world of comfort and luxury. Dr Pauline Burgener has created a pool of expertise, with doctors, biologists, beauty technicians to always offer the best quality in skin care in the most sumptuous Hotel spas of the world.

What is the difference between this signature line and the other signatures?
Each signature line is adapted to a destination, to a country, to a culture, and the effect of those signature lines are amazing. The Pearl collection is completely adapted to the region of Dubai, which is the city of the pearls. The highly hydrating, plumping, anti-aging and whitening ingredients remain fresh within the pearls capsules till they are crushed and applied onto the skin, while the nacre effect of the pearl shell will give an amazing glow. The Collection Box that gathers the whole four products offers a complete treatment with the benefit that you need depending on the time of the day or the occasion. You apply it after a luxurious soft peeling of the skin with the Detox Black Peeling, and you combine it with the cream that you will have selected. The result is completely customized to your need.

Each signature line is adapted to a destination to a country to a culture, and the effect of those signature lines are amazing

The pearl serums collections are Completely adapted to the region of Dubai, which is the city of the pearls, with all what it includes raw ingredients highly hydrating, anti-aging and the nacre of pearls offer an amazing glow

It’s a complete line since in the same Box you have your own treatment that is completely customized on the needs of your skin, while you combine the selected serum with the selected cream.