Skin Ritual N°2 – My LIFTING COLLAGEN ritual
Stay well, slown down, take care of yourself
While we all safely stay at home to protect our beloved ones, I bring you the skin rituals to take care of yourself.

Clean your make-up with the Rehydrating Cleansing Milk, rich in sweet orange essential oil and rose water, while massaging well. Clean with the wet microfiber glove, removing impurities from pores.

Balance and hydrate with theFloral Anti-Aging Toner, rich in rose water and geranium essential oil. Apply the Floral Anti-Aging Ton to 2 cotton pads and sweep over the face.

Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis with the Lifting Collagen Booster, rich in a complex of three hyaluronic acids.

Boost elasticity and firming of your skin with the Intense Lift Collagen Cream, rich in Acacia collagen.