Discover an extract of the article below featuring Dr Burgener Switzerland’s Vitamin C+ Line in Luxe Tentations.

October 2023 

“Unrivaled radiance of the skin, all year round

Dr Burgener , pioneer of the Swiss beauty industry, presents its new Vitamin C+ anti-oxidant range . Revolutionary, it is designed to regenerate the skin and awaken its natural radiance. The brand, created in 1955, is a family affair and the result of extensive collaboration between Marc Burgener, a renowned clinical surgeon, and Pauline Burgener, a passionate biologist. A reference in luxury cosmetics in Switzerland, Dr Burgener Spa treatments brilliantly combine cutting-edge technology and natural active ingredients.

Dr Burgener Switzerland: anti-aging formula

At the heart of this exceptional range is vitamin C, the true quintessence of antioxidants. Dr Burgener has transformed this magical ingredient by combining it with a rigorous selection of the best active ingredients. It thus creates an exceptional range with unrivaled virtues. Among the treasures of this collection, the Vita C+ Face Cream . This ointment stands out for its pH specially calibrated for use morning and evening. Its daily use becomes the ideal solution to ensure optimal protection. Vita C+ face cream: €490.

Active and concentrated care

With Vitamin C+ Pearls , the experience goes even further. Thanks to a pure concentration of 79% vitamin C, and with an optimal acidic pH. It is offered in a box set, for a 6-week treatment during the winter. It is applied morning and evening, thus becoming the exclusive night routine of beauty. These delicate pearls are specially designed for sensitive skin. They effectively repair the damage caused by free radicals generated by UV rays. Finally, for optimal results, add the use of Glycopeel Concentrate . This formula will increase the benefits of vitamin C with its extraordinary exfoliating power. A preferred option to maintain the skin in perfect condition. Vita C+ face pearls: €950. Glycopeel concentrate: €580

Treatments applied in Spas

In the exclusive world of palaces and high-end treatments, the complete line of products is available in spas affiliated with Dr Burgener. You can already discover the Antioxidant Light Treatment with Vitamin C+ Pearls , a 50-minute ritual designed to preserve the health of the skin and stimulate collagen production. Finally, for those looking for an even more exclusive experience, the Exclusive Signature Treatment is a tailor-made answer. It acts effectively against irregular pigmentation, dull complexion and wrinkles. Get ready to shine and radiate beauty all year round, with this exceptional collection! 50-minute treatment: €400.